I've decided to teach this dance in my group. At bars 17-24 the ladies usually do Glasgow Highlanders steps and the men some highland steps like rocking step, cross-over etc. If I understand properly they can use any steps they like excluding some steps like shedding step with turn, because it's not comfortable.

So, that is the question:

When you dance "The Glasgow Highlanders", what sequence of highland steps you prefer to use? It seems to me that it looks not very nice when men dance different steps at the same time. Maybe there is a sequence of steps that I can take as a standard?

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I don't think there is really anything like a fixed sequence – it depends too much on the capabilities of the individual dancer and on the whim of the moment. Of course, if you are using Glasgow Highlanders in a display or demonstration, you will want to use a standardised sequence of steps within the team, but again that would be up to the people involved and what they can do. (Also note that not everybody is dancing all the time, which could be a further source of confusion.)


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It's a matter of individual choice. The earliest instructions for the dance just say "set." The step we now call "Glasgow Highlanders Setting" was one of many steps taught in the 19th century. It has variants, of course--you can put in a shake on the 1st bar or turn on the 2nd bar. It looks nice, I think, if the men do a step like the rocking step and the women do the GH step so they are moving in a semicircle around their partners.


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