I'm supposed to explain some simple ceilidh dances at an event where people from the audience (who may not have done Scottish country dancing before) are going to participate. Where can I find good descriptions of such dances?

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Good descriptions of the most common ceilidh dances are available from Ian Brockbank's web site. They have the distinct advantage of being understandable to Scottish country dancers, which many of the other descriptions one finds aren't. I use them all the time.

It may also be worth trying to scour the likes of YouTube for videos showing ceilidh dances, although many of the dances exist in different variations and what one sees may or may not be similar to what the description says. Fortunately it doesn't really matter that much as long as the people are having fun.


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http://www.ceilidhcalling.co.uk/dancelist.php has most of the common English ceilidh repertoire (Cumberland Square Eight, Bridge of Athlone, Nottingham Swing &c.).

http://round.soc.srcf.net/dances/danceidx has some ceilidh dances too, but some of the linked pages have died.


answered 02 Feb '12, 00:46

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