Can anyone give me more information on reels of five?

The only info I've found so far is the description here (, and any tips for dancing or teaching it would be much appreciated. Is there perhaps a video of this figure somewhere?

I refer to reels of five as a 10-bar figure(as in Cooper's Crown), not The Reel of Five(dance).


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I don't know Cooper's Crown, but I've found the best way to teach this is starting from reels of four (which most people can do already). One fun dance with mirror reels of five is O Wha's at the Window by John W. Mitchell; this is another dance in 10-bar phrases.

The important observation is that in reels of four, you either pass somebody by the right shoulder, by the left shoulder, or you change direction at the end of the reel. For example, if you're starting at the end the sequence is RS-LS-RS-change-RS-LS-RS-change. If your group can do this then you're halfway there, especially if they can cover with the other person across from them in the set.

Now reels of five are exactly the same, except that you pass another person by the obvious shoulder before you change direction. Hence, RS-LS-RS-LS-change-LS-RS-LS-RS-change. The pattern generalises to reels of six, seven, … and so on (consider the half reel of eight in Corryvreckan).


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